sabato 30 aprile 2011

Beth's wallpapers for mobile phones

Click on the image below to download 3 wallpapers for your cellphone! The images size is 640x960 ^^

Nobody's following me but I have fun uploading things. I'm quite pathetic, right? T_T

...Bye bye, see you (...) soon :D



giovedì 28 aprile 2011

My girls!

Here they are! They're my testimonials. They're five for now, but I expect to have lots of new entries soon.

(sto scrivendo a vuoto perchè nessuno mi segue, spero che presto la cosa cambi D:)

Yoriko is the oldest and she's been my first model. She's japanese (Captain Obvious??)

Beth is the youngest...some people think she looks like a pig, others think she's a little angel. I prefer the second option, guess why xD

Carys has a welsh name, and pretty big eyes. And..I don't know what to say, then °-° 

Cory is Beth's housemate. She sometimes behaves weird.

Eleanor is my last creation. She's very serious and polite. Poor thing.

Now you know them.

One of them will soon be downloadable, stay tuned! 

Byyyye *-* I love you all, inexistent followers *-*

Some avatars, to start ^^

Ciaao *O* Quando ho aperto questo blog, non intendevo solo postare immagini, ma anche rendere disponibili avatars, wallpapers per il cellulare e tante altre cosette...
Ed ecco qui alcuni avatar che ho creato ad hoc, giusto per iniziare :D enjoy :D
Hello!! When I created this blog, I didn't just mean to post pictures and sims, I also meant to share avatars, mobile phone wallpapers and more...So here you are some avatars I created, just to start...enjoy :D

domenica 24 aprile 2011

Sono di nuovo qua xDD So che nessuno sta leggendo ma vabbè u.u voglio solo lasciare il link della mia pagina koinup...qui:

(That's my koinup page ^^)

Ehm...hola °-°

Buonsalve. °w° allora, questo è il primissimo post del blog! Interessante u.u l'ho aperto perchè.......°__°

Perchè?? O_o Fondamentalmente per mostrare al mondo le mie cavolate simmose, rendere scaricabile -forse- qualcuna delle mie creature e....condividere pensieri e altre cose senza senso.
Scriverò i post a tema simmoso in italiano e inglese, così se qualche malcapitato di lingua straniera passasse di qua, sarebbe in grado di leggere tutta la robaccia che scrivo! XD naa scherzo u.u comunque, spero di capire presto come sistemare il layout e rendere l'aspetto del blog un po' più decente e poi partirò con le mie cavolate xD

Besos a todos!


Good-hello °w° so, this is my first blog post! Interesting u.u I created this blog because.....°__°

Why? O_o Basically, to show the world (...) my simmies, maybe to make some of them downloadable, and...sharing my thoughts and other things that don't make sense at all. :D
I'll write sim-themed posts in both italian and english, so if some foreigners would pass here, they'd understand all of the rubbish I write! xD No, kidding u.u however, I hope to understand how to fix a layout and make the blog's look a little more decent, and then I'll start with all my bullshit :D I'm sorry for my non-perfect english, but you know, it's rusty xD

Besos a todos!!